Quotes, Comments, and Kudos about Sue

(Sue is )attentive, engaging, and also noticed when the sounds were TOO LOUD and naturally quieted the room down for my highly sensitive son.   Thank you!!!

...Kayla, parent of a 3 year old

"We are both educators, and we know good story telling when we see it.  What a pleasure that you do more than 'read a book'.  You are amazing! We love the engagement (with the audience) and the complete commitment to character."

...Gary and Lizzie, parents of a three and four year old

"I want to thank you AGAIN for joining our family fun night!  The kids and parents alike had a blast and really loved having you there.  You have a big fan base at PNCP!

...Jennifer, parent of two preschoolers at Phinney Neighborhood Co-Op Preschool

"Alex is delighted and intrigued by Sue and months later asks 'what she's doing today' every day. She's made a loving and indelible mark on him!"

...Schyler, parent of "Alex", age 2

"My daughter was in your (preschool) storytelling class two years ago, and now my son has you.  She still talks about Miss Sue and her memories of your story time.  My son cannot stop talking about it!  You make a difference in these childrens' lives.  THANK  YOU."

...Christopher Robin Preschool parent of a 4 and 7 year old

"Well done! As an elementary reading teacher of five years, I heartily recommend your story time as one of
  best in the city! "
...Andrea, grandparent of a three-year old

An incredible live performance, and we loved it!  I have NEVER seen anything like this before.

...Happy parent of a two and four year old

"I don't know what we'd do without Miss Sue's storytime...the kids absolutely LOVE her!

...Jen, pre-K educator, Lawton Boys and Girls Club Preschool

"(Sue) is the silliest woman I have ever met  (and I am pretty silly myself).  This is the BEST ATTENDED STORY TIME I have ever seen, and (Sue is)  the reason why. "

...Rachael, Pre-K Educator, Seattle

"Watching Kate McKinnon on SNL makes me think of (Sue), and (Sue makes) me think of Kate McKinnon - both extremely talented and zany physical comedians"

...Ruth, happy "Happy Tales" fan

"Amazing! Came all the way from Arizona!"

... Hillary, parent of a four-year old

 This program "ABSOLUTELY" held my childrens' interest. My kids loved it....and so did I!

...Emily, parent of a two and four year old

  "The excitement created by Sue's storytelling was amazing!"

... Nancy, parent of a four-year old

"(Sue) has a natural gift of storytelling that brings out the inner child in everyone! (She) is just wonderful!"

...Raye, NW Seaport volunteer, owner of the historic 'Arthur Foss' tugboat.

"We love Sue! Thanks so much, our favorite activity!"

...Melissa, parent of a two-year old

"We loved (Sue's) enthusiasm! Entertaining!"

...Abby, parent of a three year old

"Sue is an incredibly engaging story teller that uses music and costumes to introduce students to the joy of reading!"

...Tyson, Youth Program Manager, The Center For Wooden Boats

"Very animated and hands-on, incorporated movement and singing - interactive with (stuffed) animals.(Sue) is great!"

...Diane, parent of a four-year old

"Very entertaining!"

...Sean, parent of a three and one-year old 

"Yes, Yes, Yes! We LOVED how goofy you were!"

...Anjelica, parent of a two and four year old

​​​ "Thanks for your wonderful work, Sue! (Sue has) enthusiasm, an engaging demeanor, great acting and energy!"

...Lara, Communications and Volunteer Resource Manager, The Center for Wooden Boats

"The students love (Sue) and enjoy interacting with the music, stories and props!"

...Tyera, Pre-K Educator, Christopher Robin Preschool, Seattle

"I love (Sue's) energy and thoughtfulness on how (she) put(s) the program together"

...Jane, Pre-K Educator, Christopher Robin Preschool, Seattle

"Love how lively /fun Sue is!  Great for all ages! We drive from Kirkland to enjoy (Tugboat Story Time)!"

...Monique, Nanny of a 3.5 year old and 10 month old


...scores and scores of happy Preschool Parents, Educators,  Tugboat Story time parents and their kids